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Animation laser,DMX512, AUTO,Sound,ILDA,SD control,128 patterns,ANG modulation,with 40K scanner
Technical specifications:      
Output red 3000mw/638nm    
Output green 3000mw/520nm    
Output blue 4000mw/445nm    
Scanner with 40K     
laser class: 4    
operation modes: animation laser,ILDA in/out,X/Y axix,power knobs,40K scanner    
basic patterns: 128    
beam specifications: Color Disvergence size at aperature
  Red:638nm <1.mrad 4*4mm
  Green:520nm <1mrad 4*4mm
  Blue:445nm <1mrad 4*4mm
Laser safety: Laser safety according to EN 60825: Key switch, Interlock interface.Overload protection on X and Y Galvo for best safeguarding against failure.Mechanical shutter optionally available.    
accessories: power cable, manual, interlock adapter, key switch;    
power supply: 110-120V/220-240V switchable AC 50/60Hz    
power consumption: 120W  
Net weight 14KG with carton package,22KG with flight case
Case Size(cm) 310*290*170mm

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