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W8000(one module, 3 driver, one power supply

RGB 8W(R2W/638nm G:3W/520nm B:3W/445nm )
Wavelength (nm) 638 520 445
Output Power (mW) 2000 3000 3000
Transverse Mode  Near TEM00
Operating Mode TTL, Analog
Power Stability (rms, over 4 hours) <1%丨 <3% 丨<5%
Warm-up time (minutes) <1
Beam Divergence, Full Angle (mrad) <1
Beam size(mm) Aperature 5.18x7.72
5m 6.53x6.62
10m 15.08x11.22
15m 23.29x17.33
Operating temperature(℃) -10~40
Analog modulation 30KHZ(0~max output when 0~5V signal input)
Expected Lifetime (hr.) 10000
Warranty Time (year) 2

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