OEM-532nm 10W

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1. High-quality optics and advanced production technology guarantee long service life
2. Power protection function ensures the normal functioning of lasers on overheat, overcurrent, overvoltage and other abnormal conditions, which ensures lasers’ longevity.
3. Optimized optical structure and production process are used to guarantee the stability of laser resonator and power when lasers are subject to vibration.

Wave length(nm) 532±1 
Power output(W) >2.5,>3.5,>4.5,>5.5 
Dot shape Close to fundamental transverse mode 
Beam Style CW,TTL,Modulation 
Power stability(rms) <3% 
M2 factor <2.0 
Divergence(FWHM) <3.0 
Beam diameter(mm) ~3.0 
Polarization ratio >100:1 
Working Temperature (℃) 10~35 
Modulation frequency 30KHz 
Service life(h) 10000 
Aperture size(mm) 23 
Head dimension(mm) 218×80×88 
Power size(mm) 260×160×134 
Warranty period One year

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