GS-3010 100MW

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GS-3010 100MW
Name:Green Laser Pointer
Features:Continuous Wave
Battery :2X”AAA”
G W:220g
Technical Parameter:
Fixed focus, green dot facula, continuous output and working time over 5000 hours
Output Wavelength:532 nm
Output Power:5mw,10mw,20mw,30mw, 50mw,80mw,100mw,120mw,150mw(also for clients )
Beam Distance:500-6000m
Working Voltage:DC=3.2V
Trigger Voltage:DC=2.8V
Working Temperature:0℃~+40℃
Storage Temperature:-10℃~+50℃
Appearance and Color: Black(according to the request of customer)
Our green lasers have been used in many applications and industries including the military, medical and astronomy,indicator, teaching baton

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